My Mind's Playground
I'm Alex. I like anything vintage, postcards and I love writing and receiving letters. I adore traveling, music and festivals. I like stories that have ominous ... or even better, no endings. I sometimes pretend that my life is a movie. I like tea and coffee, and I collect little knick-knacks that mean something to me. Eclectic is the best word to describe it all. I love dusty photographs and listening to people tell me about their lives. Finding things forgotten by most gives me a secret pleasure you couldn't possibly imagine. I am an aspiring something. I want to be so much in this short life. In love with starry nights and blowing bubbles in my soy milk. I want to see the northern lights at least once in my lifetime.. and I want to be happy. Pleased to make your acquaintance.


Tuesday Challenge:  send “how come we don’t talk as much as we used to” to a facebook stranger that has exactly two mutual friends with you


Looking in the dirty mirror she saw rolls of failed diets, 2 day workouts, midnight walks .. She saw a face full of carved in offenses that were all thrown at her by her own thoughts. Her own mind was destroying her in such a way that her skin became brail, she could be read just by a simple touch. Her body took the form of a body bag carrying a dead soul and a couple bones and organs. Her insecurities shut off the world and left her in the dark, just her and her thoughts.